Appointments – Our office sees patients by appointment only. Please be on time as late arrivals will forfeit their appointment if 10 minutes late. New patients are expected to arrive 30 minutes early for their initial visit. If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, please give a 24 hour notice to avoid being charged for the visit. Every effort will be made to see each individual in a timely manner.

Medications – Be aware that if narcotic medications are prescribed to you from this clinic, this clinic should be the only office that writes for narcotic medications. Take this medication as directed. If you receive other narcotic prescriptions from another institution, it is your responsibility to inform this office. Taking extra medication can cause you to become overly sedated and is dangerous. It will also cause you to run short or run out of medication before your refill or next appointment.

If you feel that the medication is not controlling your pain, you will need to schedule an appointment to discuss this concern. We ask that you do not destroy or throw away any narcotics medications. Return policy on narcotics is that we count the old medication before issuing a new narcotic prescription.

Prescription refills – No early refills will be provided. No lost or stolen prescriptions will be replaced for any reason. If your medication is stolen and there is a police report, we are still not responsible and will not replace medications or prescriptions. We ask that each individual be responsible and lock their medications in a safe place.

Medication refills will not be provided over the phone. Written prescriptions will not be allowed to be picked up at the front desk. All prescriptions require a scheduled appointment. Random unscheduled pill counts of your medication may be requested.

We ask that you try to use one pharmacy when possible and keep staff informed of any changes at each visit.

Drug Screening – Random drug screens are ordered within our clinic. Our clients are expected to pass the screening. Illegal street drug use and/or any narcotic abuse will NOT be tolerated for any reason and will result in being discharged from our practice. The concurrent use of narcotics and alcohol is also prohibited. The results of the drug screens are uncontestable. You and/or your insurance are financially responsible for all testing requested.

Additional Assistance – If you need assistance and need a nurse or the doctor to return your call, please call our office and leave a message. Please clearly leave your name, phone number where you can be reached and detailed reason for your call. Please allow 24 hours for your call to be returned. Please do not leave urgent needs or emergency requests on the nurse call line.

Emergencies – For any urgent needs, report to your nearest emergency department for immediate medical attention.