Creating Awareness of Our Relationship to food!

Posted Marsha Cayton Hunger, Mindful Eating, Obesity, Weight, Weight Management

As we prepare for the 28 day Mindful Eating Challenge, we invite you to bring your awareness to your relationship with food.  Consider the following questions: What is your relationship to food and eating?  Is it a nourishing relationship?  A love-hate relationship?  An adversarial relationship?  An addictive relationship?   One of convenience or comfort?  Does it […]

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What is your relationship to exercise?

Posted Marsha Cayton Benefits of Exercise, Exercise, Mindset

Have you ever considered your relationship with exercise?    Is it a nourishing, loving relationship?  Is it a Love-Hate Relationship?  An adversarial relationship?  An addictive relationship? We all know that exercise is good for us.  It reduces stress, it releases endorphins which make us happier, it makes our hearts and other muscles strong…I could go on […]

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